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 Macalania Woods

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Macalania Woods Empty
PostSubject: Macalania Woods   Macalania Woods EmptyWed Jun 11, 2008 3:52 am

Macalania Woods Macalania-lake
Lake Macalania

Macalania Woods Macalania
Macalania Temple

Macalania Woods 5
Macalania Woods Entrance

The Macalania Woods are perhaps the most beautiful natural beauty that can be found in Spira outside of the Farplane. The large trees cover the path from most light, but it gives off a constant solemn and soothing night effect. Crystaline figures in the trees illuminate a Summoner's path around the winding trees. The last major city in Spira awaits, and the natural beauty of Macalania must be enjoyed while there is still time.

Key Locations:
Crystalline Path is located on the west side of the entrance, and is a joy to see, and quite possibly something more.

Lake Macalania is tranquil, and full of harmless pyreflies that capture the moment as opposed to another image. This is a nice place to set up camp for the night.

Macalania Temple is a proud and beautiful temple that start above sea level and extends far down below the depths. It is home to the beautiful Ice Goddess Shiva.
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Macalania Woods
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