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Bevelle Bevelle
Bevelle Ariel

Bevelle is a powerhouse amongst Spira's cities. After a glorious victory against Zanarkand many years ago, Bevelle rose to the top of Spira as the dominant super power. However, after the arrival of Sin, Bevelle came back to the rest of the world. It is still a large city, and the most politically powerful place in the world, but it's anceint milatary power has been long gone. The maechens, or political figures of Spira reside here inside the astonishing large temple. The innner workings of Spira reside here, and that can always be a cause for concern.

Key Locations:
The long bridge at the entrance into Bevelle is strategically placed to allow one of the numerous gaurds to have plenty of time to identify the people attempting to enter the city.

Bevelle Temple houses a true beast of pure glory. All that come before Bahamut stare in awe of his beauty and radiating power. This beast is not easy to get to however, the temple's cloister is filled with wonder and confusion. Glowing, moving paths fill the interior and the right path must be chosen time and time again or a Summoner could very easily get lost before finding wha they seek.
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