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 The Misfortunes of Fortuna (Pt. 1)

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PostSubject: The Misfortunes of Fortuna (Pt. 1)   Wed Jun 25, 2008 8:35 pm

[Scenario Music]

Thunder cracked as lightning lit up the night sky.A lone, badly beaten boat was traversing the waters, swaying precariously back and forth.Driving the boat was a cloaked man with a dagger in his back pocket.There was no expression to speak of across his face...but a general feeling of malevolence could still be sensed permeating off of him.

On the other end of the boat was an Al Bhed mother holding her child.Her face was buried in his stomach as the boy cried out due to both hunger, and the cold.The man up front looked back and screamed out for the boy to shut up.Thunder cracked as the boy only cried louder...

Mother: Please...spare the child...he is innocent!Kill me and just be done with it!

The man remained silent and kept his eyes strained towards the distance...the faint silhouette of a large temple could be seen growing on the horizon.Finally he would be rid of his shame...and he could go back to being a beloved priest of Yevon.He could go back to living his life the way he did before...he wouldn't be branded a traitor any longer.He could be happy again...and graced back into the loving arms of Yevon.

Mother:Are you even listening to me!?Please, I beg of you!

Father:SHUT UP!

He stormed over to her and slapped her across the face, causing the baby to fall from her arms onto the boat.She quickly scrambled over to it and held him tight...sobbing uncontrollably.

Father:How pitiful.

He grabbed hold of the wheel and continued on to the island in the distance.They finally docked ship, and the man walked over to the woman.He stared down at her for a couple seconds and proceeded to kick her.

Father:Get up.
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PostSubject: Re: The Misfortunes of Fortuna (Pt. 1)   Sat Jun 28, 2008 6:50 pm

Sobs wracked her small her small frame as she shakily rose from the rolling deck of the boat in fits and starts. Silences into submission, only her silent cries betrayed her anguish through the screen of hair hanging like a curtain across her lowered face.
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The Misfortunes of Fortuna (Pt. 1)
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