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 Calm Lands

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PostSubject: Calm Lands   Calm Lands EmptyWed Jun 11, 2008 3:57 am

Calm Lands Calm_Lands_28artwork29
Calm Lands Center
The calm lands is a very pivotal point for a Summoner. It is their last chance to acquire two aeons before their journey through Gagazet to get to Zanarkand. This serves as the last bit of training that can be done before what could be called "the home stretch" of a pilgrimage. There is no turning back now, the final aeon is in sight.

Key Locations:
The center of the calm lands houses a small tent has items up for sale.

Off to the east side of the calm lands is a long bridge that leads to Remiem Temple.

Further north from the Remiem Temple is the Monster Areana training grounds. Monsters are bred to make nasty fiends to fight against in training.

At the northeast corner of the calm lands is an isolated fayth's cavern that does not come accompanied by a temple.
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Calm Lands
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