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 Mt. Gagazet

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Mt. Gagazet Empty
PostSubject: Mt. Gagazet   Mt. Gagazet EmptyWed Jun 11, 2008 4:03 am

Mt. Gagazet Mt_gagazet
Airship View of Mt. Gagazet from the side.

Mt. Gagazet Art9
Hot Springs at the core of the mountain.

Mt. Gagazet is the final rigorous physically enduring terrain that a Summoner will have to get through before the final cloister. Only ten Summoners have made it this far, and nine of them didn't make it out alive. Will our newest group be the tenth to die a cold and arctic death? Will they even get to this point? Perhaps this will be the second group to move on to the famed Zanarkand, but not if they can't make it trough the home of the mighty Ronso.

Key Locations:
The entrance to the Mt. Gagazet path is heavily gaurded by the fleeing Ronso. After years of being pushed away from every corner of Spira, they feel they have found a home at Gagazet, and do not like trespassers.

In the deep core of Mt. Gagazet are mystical hot springs that have yet to be discovered. Whoever does will certainly be in for a treat.
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Mt. Gagazet
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