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 For Elite XDD

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PostSubject: For Elite XDD   Mon Jul 07, 2008 6:49 pm

So lol this is an old story so don't hold it against me if it sounds weird x_x

Year: 3588
Hikaru raised her gun and shot the monster. Rain was pouring down but Hikaru could not hear it. Her mission…To destroy corrupted monsters before they attacked Mother Base. Hikaru whirled around and shot another monster as it came at her. Blood splattered all over Hikaru but her eyes showed no mercy. She reloaded her gun and continued on into the forest. Her mission was not over. Another monster came running out and smashed into Hikaru, making her arms fly into the air. Hikaru’s gun flew out of her hands, as the monster pinned her to the ground. The monster’s hot breath was breathing on Hikaru’s neck as it lowered his mouth. Hikaru kicked the monster and wrapped her hands around its neck as she started to squeeze. The monster stopped lowering its head and started choking. Hikaru released one hand and slammed it into one of the monster’s eyes. The monster cried out in pain and backed away. Hikaru rolled over to her gun and picked it up. The monster stared at Hikaru with its good eye. Hikaru stared back into its eyes, her eyes shown no emotion as she fired the gun. The monster fell on its back, breathing raspy. She placed one foot on its chest and aimed the gun at its head.
“Mission…Complete…” Hikaru murmured, as she fired the gun.

Chapter 1
New Mission
Hikaru was couching on top of a building, her blank eyes reflecting the moonlight. She wore a body armor that covered some of her body, a tie around her neck, gloves, shoes that attached to her body armor and some hairpins that stuck out of her dark, long hair. Her body armor showed a lot of cleavage and the lower part of the armor was high on the thighs but Hikaru didn’t notice nor care. The armor was light and allowed her to move very fast. Hikaru stood up and stared down at the building. Her new mission was to eliminate Hisa Hoji, the daughter of the most important scientist to humankind, Mikato Hoji. Hikaru leaned over the edge of the building and plunged to the streets below. She did a summersault and landed on her feet. Hikaru stood up and observed the empty streets, and then started towards a building. She jumped up and went through a window. The shattering of glass echoed through her ears but she ignored it as she rolled on the ground until she hit the wall. Hikaru rolled on her stomach and sat up, as she heard the doorknob to the room being fiddled with. The doorknob was slowly turning and Hikaru’s eyes stayed focused on the door, as she jumped into the air and grabbed the ceiling’s boards. A maid walked in and looked at the glass scattered all over the floor from the broken window. She looked around but never looked up.
“Hmm,” The maid mumbled and left.
Hikaru fell to the floor on her feet and stood up. She walked over and slowly opened the door. Hikaru looked around and stepped into the dark hallway.

I sighed loudly as I scrubbed the floor.
“I’m so sleepy…” I mumbled as I slipped on the wet floor.
I fell flat in the water.
“Great! Just great!” I gurgled as I raised my head out of the water.
I saw a girl slowly walking across the empty hallway; her eyes were blank of emotion.
“Huh?” I wondered, blinking.
The girl disappeared behind the hallway wall. I rubbed my eyes.
“I must be hallucinating…” I muttered.
“Hey! Stop stalling and start scrubbing!” A voice shouted behind me.
“Fine!” I shouted back.
A bucket hit me in the head and I grabbed my head with my hands.
“Ow…” I cried out.
Miss Ishi kicked the bucket of water onto the floor, spilling the water and drenching my pants.
“Get to work and be quiet before you wake up Mr. Hoji and his daughter,” She snapped walking away.
“Pain-in-the-neck…” I muttered, standing up.
I looked back into the empty hallway and saw the girl staring at me, her eyes still empty of emotion. She hardly wore anything but she was still covered as I blushed furiously. The girl walked right over to me and looked down at the ground.
“Where is Hisa Hoji?” The girl asked as she looked at me.
“Uhh…Uh…” I stammered, taking a step back and slipping on the wet floor.
The girl rushed forwards and caught me before we both fell. Our faces were inches apart but still, her aquamarine eyes were blank.
“Keife!” A voice screamed.
“Uh-oh…” I stammered, turning my head.
The girl jumped into the air and grabbed the ceiling boards, stilling holding me around the waist with one arm.
Miss Ishi walked over and gazed around the empty room but never looked up.
“That boy is in some serious trouble when he comes back…” Miss Ishi muttered angrily.
Miss Ishi left and the girl fell to the ground, letting me go.
“I repeat, where is Hisa Hoji?” The girl asked, reaching into a pouch on her waist.
I raised my arms.
“I—I never seen or met her….” I stammered as she aimed a gun at me.
“You will tell me where she is or I will not hesitate to destroy you,” The girl answered coldly.
I felt my heart in my throat and could not answer. A girl stepped out of a room and looked at us.
“Huh?” She asked.
The girl in front of me turned and looked at her. I covered my mouth; they were identical in eyes and hair. Both girls had dark hair and aquamarine-colored eyes.
“Wha…Twins…?” I stammered looking at both of them.
The two girls stared at each other.
“Who are you?” The girl in the nightgown asked.
The girl in front of me stepped back and put the gun back in her pouch.
“Wha…Cannot comprehend…Happening…” The girl in front of me sputtered, falling to the ground.
She started screaming and grabbed her head.
“NO!” The girl shrieked, as she ran through a window.
I watched her as the other girl stared at the window and then at me.
“Who was that?” The remaining girl asked.
I turned to her.
“I don’t know but who are you?” I asked.
“I am Hisa Hoji,” The girl answered.
I turned back to the window.
“She was looking for you…” I whispered.
Miss Ishi walked over and threw me to the ground.
“You stupid boy, can’t you do anything right?” Miss Ishi snapped.
Hisa helped me up and glared at Miss Ishi.
“Just because you offered to help my father and I, doesn’t give you a right to trample on our workers,” Hisa shot back.
Miss Ishi grabbed her by the hair and pulled her head back.
“You better watch your mouth brat…” Miss Ishi started.
“And you better watch your back…” A voice finished.
I saw the other girl behind Miss Ishi, a gun pointed at her head.
Miss Ishi shrieked and was about to turn around when the girl slammed the gun on the back of Miss Ishi’s head and she fell to the ground out cold.
The girl and Hisa looked at each other.
“What is your name?” Hisa asked.
The girl stared at Hisa but gave no reply.
“That…Not…Part…Of…Mission…” The girl stammered, looking down at Miss Ishi.
I started towards the girl but she took a step back.
“Stay…Away…Or…Else…” The girl stammered as she ran away.
Hisa stared after her.
“Wait! Please!” Hisa called.
The girl didn’t’ stop as she disappeared.
Who was she…?

Hikaru stared down at the boy and the girl as they walked out of the building this morning.
What is this…? Hikaru wondered, these…Images…
Hikaru shook her head as she sat down. Someone suddenly opened the door to the top of the building and ran out. The man stared at Hikaru.
“Well hello there. What’s a cute girl like you doing up here? Aren’t you cold?” The man asked, walking towards Hikaru.
Hikaru got up and pulled out her gun.
“Stay away or I will fire…” Hikaru warned.
The man tackled her and Hikaru’s gun flew out of her hands and down to the streets below. Hikaru stood up and started to lose her balance. The man dived at Hikaru and they both fell off the building.
Hikaru grabbed the man’s back collar and swung him into a window as she fell to the ground. Pain shot up her body as she laid sprawl on the ground; blood seeping through her wounds.
Pain…Is it…Possible…?
Hikaru’s last thought before darkness engulfed her.
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Number of posts : 167
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PostSubject: Re: For Elite XDD   Mon Jul 07, 2008 6:50 pm

Too big, here's the other part.

Hikaru sat up, groaning.
“Are you okay?” A voice asked.
Hikaru turned her head to see the boy from last night holding a wet washcloth. She did not know how to reply to his question…It was unfamiliar. He gently dabbed her forehead with the washcloth.
“What are you doing?” Hikaru asked the gestured unknown to her.
“I’m just cleaning your wounds; do you always fall down high buildings?” The boy asked, wiping dirt off Hikaru’s face.
“I was…Pushed…” Hikaru started.
The boy put the washcloth into a bowl.
“That reminds me, a man wants to apologize to you,” The boy told Hikaru.
“Apologize…? What is this word?” Hikaru asked.
“To express his regret…To ask for forgiveness…” The boy answered.
“Regret…? Forgiveness? What are these?” Hikaru asked.
The boy scratched the back of his head.
“Uhh…” He started.
Someone opened the door.
“Keife! Dad’s calling you…” An older boy started.
He stopped and looked at Hikaru.
“Keife! Who is this?” The older boy demanded, still staring at Hikaru.
Keife looked at Hikaru.
“What’s your name?” Keife asked.
Hikaru looked at him.
“Hikaru…” Hikaru answered.
“Hikaru…Nice name…” Keife replied.
The older boy walked over.
“I’m Kisho, Keife’s older brother,” The older boy introduced.
Hikaru just stared at him. Keife grabbed Kisho’s arm.
“Don’t even think about it…” Keife warned.
“Think about what?” Kisho asked innocently.
“Whatever you’re thinking,” Keife answered.
Hikaru groaned.
“How…Can…I…Feel…Pain…?” Hikaru wondered.
Keife ran over and grabbed her shoulder.
“Are you okay Hikaru?” Keife asked.
“I…Am…Fine…” Hikaru answered gazing out the window, “Must…Complete…Mission…”
Keife shook his head.
“You can’t…You’re hurt…” Keife told her.
“Must…Eliminate…Hisa Hoji…” Hikaru remembered.
“You can’t…She’s your twin…Somehow…” Keife told her.
Hikaru stared at Him.
“Twin…?” Hikaru asked.
Keife picked up a mirror and showed Hikaru. Hikaru stared at the mirror; she had never seen her reflection before.
“This…Hisa Hoji…?” Hikaru asked.
“Yeah, you look just like her…” Keife answered.
Hikaru closed her eyes.
I’m so confused…
Kisho grabbed Keife’s arm.
“Dad wants you already, go!” Kisho ordered.
Keife pulled free.
“He can wait a few minutes. Hikaru, what is your mission?” Keife asked.
Hikaru opened her eyes.
“Must…Eliminate…Hisa…Hoji…” Hikaru murmured.
“Why? Why must you eliminate her?” Keife asked.
“Confidential, you are not allowed to know,” Hikaru answered.
Keife sighed.
“Are you going to be alright?” Keife asked.
“Alright?” Hikaru asked.
“Your wounds…” Keife answered.
Hikaru looked down at her wounds, all bandaged.
“How do I reply?” Hikaru asked.
“You say you’re okay, if you’re fine and not hurting but if you’re hurting or not okay if you feel pain,” Keife answered.
“I’m okay," Hikaru replied.
Keife got up.
“You’re coming Kisho,” Keife told him, dragging him out.
Hikaru stared out the window as Kisho and Keife started arguing.
Humans…Strange creatures…
Hikaru saw Hisa Hoji run over as Hikaru flinched.
“Must…Eliminate…” Hikaru whispered as she fell out of bed.
Her whole body burned with pain as she fell to the ground. Hikaru groaned as tears burned in her eyes.
Tears…? Is it possible for me to have tears…?
Hikaru suddenly let out a sob and lay on the ground curled up.
What’s wrong with me? Robots do not cry or feel pain… Why? Why do I feel pain?
Hikaru suddenly became very confused. She heard the door open and footsteps run over to her.
“Hikaru! Hikaru are you okay?” A voice asked.
Hikaru raised her tear-stained face to come face with Hisa Hoji.
Hisa’s face was filled with concern.
“Get away from me!” Hikaru cried out, suddenly getting up.
“Hikaru…Come back…”
“Yes Mother…” Hikaru whispered.
Hikaru ran past Hisa and Keife into the forest.
“Hikaru! Please stop!” Keife called.
Hikaru didn’t stop but suddenly the skies grew dark and rain started pouring down again.
My body…
Hikaru fell into the mud.
Please…Help me…
“Hikaru…We’re coming…”
Hikaru felt a smile come to her face.
“Yes mother….” Hikaru whispered as she reached her hand out.
“We’ll come if you complete your mission…”
Hikaru’s smile faded.
“Mother…Please…” Hikaru begged, becoming cold.
“…You’re a disgrace…Don’t come back…”
Hikaru felt her face fall.
“Wha…?” Hikaru whispered.
“…You useless Android…”
Hikaru let out a sob.
“Mother…Don’t leave me!” Hikaru cried out.
Hikaru laid down in the mud, rain pouring down hard on her.

Hisa and I ran through the forest.
“She couldn’t have gone far!” I shouted over the storm.
The wind almost blew us over.
“There she is!” Hisa shouted.
I saw Hikaru lying in the mud, tears falling down her face.
“Mother…Don’t leave me…” Hikaru whispered so softly it was hard to hear her.
We ran over to her and helped Hikaru up.
“Hikaru!” I shouted, taking off my jacket and putting it on her.
Hikaru stared blankly at me.
“Hikaru! Can you hear us?” Hisa asked, wrapping a blanket around her.
Hikaru didn’t reply or respond to us. Hisa turned to me.
“We have to get her out of this rain before she gets seriously sick,” Hisa told me.
I nodded as I put my arm under her knees and my other arm around her waist.
“Hikaru, please answer us,” Hisa begged as we started running back to my house.
I looked at Hikaru who stared blankly at the sky. My face grew warm but I ignored it. Kisho ran out.
“What happened?” Kisho shouted.
“We have to get her in the house!” I shouted back.
Kisho nodded. When we got in the house, I put Hikaru in the bed.
“I’ll make some hot soup,” Hisa told me.
I nodded as I removed my jacket and Hisa’s blanket off Hikaru. Hikaru still stared blankly at me. I pulled the covers up to Hikaru’s neck and gently touched her face.
“Hikaru?” I asked.
Kisho came into my room.
“Here are the hot bottles,” Kisho said, giving me a basket full.
“Jeez,” I replied, putting them under the covers to keep Hikaru warm.
Hisa came back in with the hot soup.
“Here, eat it Hikaru; it’s good for you,” Hisa told her.
Hikaru turned her head away.
“Hikaru…” Hisa started.
I took the bowl from her.
“I’ll feed her,” I promised.
Hisa nodded as she took Kisho with her outside.
“Hikaru, you’re going to get sick. Please eat some soup…” I begged.
Hikaru kept her head turned away fro me.
“You need your energy…” I started.
“I’m not human…” Hikaru whispered.
I blinked.
“What?” I asked.
“I’m not human like you…” Hikaru repeated.
I was held back for a sec.
“What are you talking about? You look human…” I started.
“But I don’t act it. I don’t’ know any human-like emotions. Haven’t you seen my eyes? They’re always blank of emotion because I can’t show emotion. I’m a tech knight…I…Am…A…Android…” Hikaru told me.
I paused. Hikaru was right; she looked human but didn’t act it.
But her eyes…
“What’s a tech knight?” I asked.
“A tech knight is an android that carries out missions that ordinary robots or computers cannot. Tech knights carry out missions such as destroying monsters or eliminating certain computers or enemies. We’re the only robots that use guns or weapons like swords; we’re trained not to feel emotions or pity for anything. Just to fulfill our mission. Our only reason for being is to fulfill our mission 100%. Robots are always loyal unlike humans who betray one another. Do you know humans are the only species that kill each other for no reason? But…Mother doesn’t want me anymore…” Hikaru said softly.
“Mother?” I asked.
“Mother Computer. She creates all us robots. Least certain kind which is confidential. She controls us all. Except me…And other tech knights…” Hikaru answered.
“Why not you or the other tech knights?” I asked.
“We have free will, we can choose to comply her orders or not but we do,” Hikaru answered.
“So technically you tech knights have minds of your own?” I asked.
“Yes…” Hikaru answered.
I held up the soup.
“Even if you’re not human…You still need to eat…” I told her.
Hikaru stared at the soup.
“It…Smells…Good…” Hikaru whispered.
I took a spoon, scooped some of the soup and held it near her face.
“Just take a sip…If you don’t’ like it, you don’t have to eat it…” I told her.
Hikaru looked at me and for a sec, I thought I saw some emotion in her eyes but it disappeared quickly. She took a sip.
“It’s…Good…” Hikaru told me.
I smiled as I fed her. After I was done, I put the bowl down and took her hand.
“You’re going to sleep aren’t you?” I asked.
Hikaru nodded.
“Even Androids need rest…” Hikaru told me.
“Listen to me; I would never betray you…” I told her.
Hikaru looked at me.
“My reason for existing…Exists no more. I’m useless…” Hikaru said softly.
I shook my head.
“Don’t say that, you exist for a reason. I want you to exist…” I told her.
Hikaru said nothing.
“Why? What use am I to you?” Hikaru asked.
“You being here with me is good enough,” I answered smiling.
Hikaru stared at me.
“You humans are strange…” Hikaru told me.
I chuckled.
“Not all of us are evil or betrayers as you claim,” I replied.
“Perhaps but there are still some out there…” Hikaru told me.
I raised my free hand and gently stroke her hair.
“What are you doing?” Hikaru asked.
“Stroking your hair…” I answered.

Few Hours later…
Hikaru looked at Keife who was lying on the bed sleeping.
What a strange human…
She looked down at her hand to see Keife was still clutching her hand. Hikaru felt something warm growing inside her but she forced it away.
He sounds so kind…
Hikaru looked out the window at the full moon.
Can I trust humans? Keife is the only one who has actually been nice to me. Could Mother have been wrong about humans? About them all being mean, evil, and greedy? Hikaru wondered.
Hikaru sat up.
“I will find out…” Hikaru whispered.
She looked at Keife and smiled a little.
“My new mission is to figure out why humans act the way they are and why Hisa Hoji looks like me,” Hikaru whispered.
Hikaru lay back down and closed her eyes for a sec.
Mother said neither she nor the others would betray me…That’s just what they did…Pain...Why do I feel it? Emotions…Why do I have them? Am I not an Android after I was taught to believe? No, my emotions started after I fell off that building…No before that when I first saw Hisa Hoji…Then why do I feel pain then? Androids cannot feel pain because they don’t have the nerves that gives them pain…Mother didn’t want them to get distracted in a battle or something…Mother…I will find out why I exist and why this happened to me…Why you suddenly changed and abandoned me…I will...
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Number of posts : 167
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PostSubject: Re: For Elite XDD   Mon Jul 07, 2008 10:57 pm

Chapter 2

I slowly opened my eyes.
What happen? I wondered.
I raised my head to see Hikaru watching me.
My face turned red and I sat up.
“So—sorry. I must’ve fell asleep,” I stammered.
“It’s quite alright,” Hikaru replied.
Hisa ran in, her arms full of clothes.
“Here Hikaru, I thought you might need some clothes,” Hisa told her.
Hikaru stared at her.
“Why?” Hikaru asked.
“Umm…Well…” Hisa gestured to her armor.
I scratched the back of my head.
“I guess I’ll let you help her get dress,” I told her, walking out of the room and closing the door behind me.
Kisho was asleep in a chair.
I grinned, as I shoved him on the shoulder.
“Go away…” Kisho muttered.
I pushed him off the chair, as I sat in the chair and sighed.
Kisho awoke and glared at me.
“Hey! I was sitting there!” Kisho shouted.
I shrugged.
“You were asleep,” I replied.
Kisho yawned.
“I’m going to my bed…” Kisho muttered, as he left to his room.
I laid back in the chair and started to fall asleep.
Keira ran over to me, her arms full of beautiful flowers.
“Aren’t they just lovely Keife?” Keira asked, a big smile on her face.
I couldn’t help but smile back.
“Yeah, who are they for?” I asked.
Keira held them out to me, her face slightly turning red.
“I picked them for you…” Keira answered.
I blushed.
“Me?” I asked.
Keira nodded.
I took the flowers and bowed.
“Thank you for the flowers,” I told her.
Keira smiled and ran towards the beach, her white dress bellowing behind her.
I ran after her but suddenly stopped.
A dark figure grabbed her.
Keira screamed and held her arms out towards me.
“Keife!” Keira shrieked, as they disappeared into darkness.
I dropped the flowers and ran after them, my hands reaching out in front of me.
“Keira!” I shouted, still running.
No matter how much I kept running, they were gone.
I fell to my knees and my head down.
“Keira!” I screamed.
Someone touched my shoulder.
“Keife?” A voice asked.
I slowly opened my eyes.
Hisa stared at me.
“Are you alright?” Hisa asked.
I nodded, as I looked beside her.
Hikaru stood beside her, wearing a red dress, with bows.
Her hair had two red ribbons, hanging down her face.
I stood up.
Hikaru also wore red dress shoes.
“Hikaru…” I whispered.
Hikaru stared at me with blank eyes.
“Yes?” Hikaru asked.
I waved my hand in front of her eyes but they didn’t blink.
“Doesn’t she look so pretty?” Hisa asked.
I nodded.
“Is she going to live with you guys for awhile?” Hisa asked.
I looked at Hisa.
“I--,” I started.
“May I stay with you…Keife?” Hikaru asked, slowly.
I turned to Hikaru.
“Umm sure,” I answered.
“I left her some clothes in your room, okay?” Hisa asked.
I nodded.
“I’ll talk to you later, I promised my dad I’d be home soon. Bye!” Hisa told us, and ran out the door.
I turned to Hikaru.
“Would you like me to show you around town?” I asked.
“Okay,” Hikaru answered.
I took Hikaru’s hand, as we walked out the door.
Everyone was staring at us, as we walked around town.
They must be staring at Hikaru, because she looks so much like Hisa, I thought.
Suddenly an old man ran up to us.
“Excuse miss…” The old man started.
Hikaru looked at him.
“I’m—sorry about the trouble I caused you,” He told her, “And thank you for saving my life.”
Hikaru said nothing.
“Allow me to introduce myself. I’m Hishi Kataro,” The man added.
“I’m Keife and this is Hikaru,” I told him.
Hishi nodded.
Hikaru pulled her hand free.
“What’s wrong?” I asked.
Hikaru stared intently at a blond guy, talking to Hisa.
Hishi snorted.
“Ohh, that wanna-be pretty boy,” Hishi muttered.
The blond guy was pretty good-looking, with longish, blond hair that fell into his eyes and mischievous deep, blue eyes that just drew you to him.
He wore a white, button up-shirt with black pants.
“Ohh, he’s just so hot!” A girl beside us, squealed.
I looked at Hikaru who was still staring at him.
I sighed.
I guess I’ll never have a chance against him, I thought.
Hikaru walked over to him.
I followed her along with Hishi.
“Blake…” Hikaru said evenly.
The guy turned and smirked.
“Is that you Hikaru?” The guy Blake asked, “You look different.”
“I can say the same about you,” Hikaru replied.
Blake walked over and took her arm.
“Let’s go for a walk,” Blake told her.
“Hey!” I cried out.
Hikaru held up her hand.
“Don’t worry, I’ll be okay,” Hikaru told me.
I stopped, and watched as they walked away.
“Wow, she knows him?” Hisa asked, watching them.
I watched them too.
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PostSubject: Re: For Elite XDD   Mon Jul 07, 2008 10:59 pm

Hikaru resisted the urge to pull away from Blake until they were in a room, alone.
“What are you doing?” Hikaru demanded.
Blake grinned.
“What’s wrong? Not happy to see me?” Blake teased.
Blake took Hikaru’s right hand and brought it to his lips.
Hikaru pulled her free and punched Blake in the chest.
“Is that something new you learned at the academy?” Hikaru asked, coolly.
Blake laughed.
“Not really, mother taught me,” Blake answered, shoving Hikaru against the wall.
Blake suddenly frowned.
“Why did you betray us Hikaru?” Blake asked.
Hikaru shoved him away.
“I did not betray you, you betrayed me,” Hikaru told him.
Blake shoved Hikaru against the wall, as she felt pain.
“Ow…” Hikaru cried out.
Blake punched Hikaru in the stomach as she fell forwards.
“Those humans have made you weak…” Blake said harshly.
Hikaru took raspy breaths as Blake raised his hand and hit her with his fists on her back.
Everything suddenly went black as Hikaru passed out.


I was starting to become very worried, as Hikaru did not come back.
“Do you think she’s okay?” I asked Hishi.
“I don’t trust that pretty boy,” Hishi answered.
“Oh, you guys are just jealous that Hikaru knew him,” Hisa replied.
I crossed my arms over my chest.
“You were drooling over him too,” I pointed out.
Hisa blushed.
“Well, it’s not my fault. He really is hot,” Hisa told me.
I sighed.
“Hikaru…” I whispered.
I sat down at a table.
Hishi and Hisa sat with me.
“You seem worried about her aren’t you?” Hisa asked.
I sighed.
“I believe so,” I answered.
“Then we should go look for her,” Hishi told me.
I shook my head.
“I know we should but I don’t’ want to pry. She can take care of herself, I’m sure…” I replied.
“But you’re still worried,” Hisa pointed out.
“And you want to look for her,” Hishi added.
I sighed.
“I do but…” I started.
Hisa grabbed my arm.
“I can’t stand people being sad, let’s go find her,” Hisa told me.
Hishi stood up.
“And beat that pretty boy down,” Hishi added.
Hisa sighed.
“You two go together then,” Hisa said, walking away.
I sighed.
“Hikaru…” I murmured.

Hikaru slowly opened her eyes.
What happen?” Hikaru wondered.
She sat up and noticed her hands were bind with a heavy chain.
“What?” Hikaru cried out.
Blake stood up from the chair he was sitting in next to the bed Hikaru was lying on.
“I was waiting for you to wake up so I could mock you before I left,” Blake told her.
Hikaru tried to break her hands free but the metal chain was too strong.
Her feet were bind by a chain also.
“You…” Hikaru started.
Blake took Hikaru’s face in his hand and kissed her on the cheek.
“Got to take care of that Hisa Hoji now, then I’ll take you back to Mother so she can reprogram you,” Blake told Hikaru as he opened the door.
“You leave her alone!” Hikaru suddenly shouted.
Blake turned around and smirked.
“Why do you care? Just because she looks like you doesn’t mean she’s related to you. You’re an Android. Androids aren’t related to humans except they look alike. Remember that Hikaru,” Blake told her, as he left.
Hikaru fell flat on her chest.
“Dammit, he’s going to kill her. I have to stop him,” Hikaru said softly, as she crawled until she fell off the bed.
Why? Why do I care about her? Hikaru suddenly wondered.
Hikaru shook her head.
Never mind, don’t think about that now. I have to warn Hisa, Hikaru reminded herself.
Hikaru crawled over to the door.
“I have to get this chain off,” Hikaru said quietly, looking for something to help her.
She spotted a hook for hanging coats on the wall.
That’ll work, Hikaru thought.
Hikaru used the wall for balance, as she stood up; then did a back flip until she reached the wall with the book and got the chain on her feet caught on it.
She grabbed the bedpost and pulled.
The heavy chain refused to budge.
Come on, Hikaru thought, as she pulled hard.
Pain shot up her legs as the chain tighten around her ankles.
Hikaru released the bedpost as she swung back and then swung forwards again.
She grabbed the bedpost again and pulled harder.
The pain in her ankles increased as Hikaru pulled hard.
Finally, Hikaru stood there hanging on the hook.
It won’t break, Hikaru thought, tears filling her eyes.
Hikaru suddenly remembered the metal comb that Hisa used to comb her hair.
She reached into her pocket and pulled it out.
“Last chance…” Hikaru whispered.
She pulled herself up and put the comb through the chain.
Hikaru slowly turned the comb*, as the chain tightened.
She ignored the pain, as she kept turning it.
The chain suddenly broke, dropping Hikaru to the ground.
Hikaru cried out and sat up.
She got the chain on her wrist caught on the hook and twisted the chain.
The door suddenly opened and Hikaru turned around.
“Thought you try to escape,” An Android told her.
Hikaru ran towards the window and dived out of it.
The glass shattered and Hikaru fell towards the ground.
She shut her eyes close and waited for the impact.
Hikaru didn’t feel it.
“Hikaru? What happen?” A voice asked.
Hikaru opened her eyes and saw that Keife had caught her.
“Keife!” Hikaru cried out.
He looked at the bruises on her ankles.
“What happened to your ankles?” Keife asked.
Hikaru shook her head*.
“Get these chains off me, Hisa is in danger,” Hikaru told him.
Hishi walked over and hit the chains* with a laser.
The chains fell off.
Hikaru jumped out of Keife’s arms and started running towards where she felt Blake’s energy.
“Hikaru!” Keife called.
“Stay away or they’ll come after you guys!” Hikaru shouted at them.

I sat at a table by myself, when I heard a voice ask, “May I sit here?”
I looked up to see that blond guy Blake staring at me and smiling.
I felt myself blush.
“Sure,” I stammered.
Blake sat down.
“Hisa Hoji right?” Blake asked.
I nodded, still red.
Blake stood up.
“Would you like to go for a walk?” Blake asked.
“Uhh, sure,” I stammered.
Blake took my hand and led me to the forest.
“What is it* that you do?” Blake asked.
“Umm, I’m studying to be a* scientist…Like my dad…” I answered, nervously.
Blake stopped and turned to me.
“Really? Why is that?” Blake asked.
“Well…” I made circles on the ground, “I want to help him…He’s sick and the only way I can help him is if I find the antidote so…”
Blake suddenly grabbed my shoulders.
“Hisa Hoji…” Blake started.
I felt myself blushing furiously.
“Stop!” A voice shouted.
I turned to see Hikaru running towards us.
Blake turned me around and pulled out a gun.
I felt my breathing stop.


Hikaru watched as the blond-haired guy held the gun to Hisa’s head.
“Let her go Blake…” Hikaru warned.
The blond-haired guy Blake smirked.
“Long time no see traitor, or should I say short time?” Blake greeted.
Hikaru glared coldly at him.
"I'm not the traitor, you guys betrayed me," Hikaru shot back.
Blake shook his head.
"No, you've been corrupted," Blake replied, coolly.
Hikaru clenched her fists, she had never been angry before.
"Your grudge is with me Blake, leave Hisa alone," Hikaru growled.
Blake's face darkened.
"To get to you, I hurt her," Blake replied, coldly.
Hikau ran at Blake and tackled him before he could fire the gun. The both of them rolled down the hill until Blake was on top of Hikaru.
"I still can't believe you're a tech knight, you're still weak as ever," Blake whispered, lowering his face to hers.
Hikaru tried to push him off but he was stronger than her.
"You're a pathetic tech knight..." Blake murmured.
"I got out of those so-called chains of yorus," Hikaru retorted.
Blake chuckled.
"I made it so that you could..." Blake replied, taking something out as his pocket.
Blake held up a collar of some sort.
"This will erase your sense of free will. I will control you and make you eliminate Hisa Hoji," Blake told her.
Hikaru struggled with Blake as he tried to put the collar around her neck.
"No! Stop!" Hikaru screamed, panicking.
Hisa ran down the hill and kicked Blake off Hikaru.
Blake rolled but used his knees to stop.
"Hisa Hoji..." Blake murmured, taking out a gun.
Hisa suddenly froze as she stared at the gun. Hikaru got up and ran in front of Hisa as the gun went off. Silence filled the air as Blake stared at Hikaru with disbelief. Hikau herself couldn't believe that she been shot as she choked and looked down. Blood was dripping down the front of her dress as she realized she was shot in the chest.
"Pain...?" Hikau gasped, as she fell to her knees.
Hisa snapped out of it and screamed.
"Hikaru!" Hisa screamed.
Hisa grabbed Hikaru as she fell aslo.
"I'm...Bleeding..." Hikaru whispered.
"Hikau! Hang in there! Hisa shouted.
Blake dropped the gun.
"Hikau...You're not an android..You're human..." Blake stammered, as if he couldn't believe it himself.
Hikaru's eyes went wide, as emotion suddenly appeared in her eyes.
"I'm...Human..?" Hikau whispered, staring up at the sky.
"Hikaru, hang in there! Please someone get help!" Hisa screamed.
Hikau closed her eyes as the pain started going away.
"Hikau, please don't leave me," Hisa sobbed.
I'm human...Not an android...Why?
That was Hikau's last thought as she fell into darkness.

I heard a scream and ran towards it. Suddenly I stopped, rooted to the ground as I saw Hisa and Hikau. Hisa was sobbing loudly as I ran down the hill and towards them.
"Hisa! Hikau! What happened?" I asked, glaring at Blake.
Hisa raised her tear-stained face to me.
"Hikauk...She's badly hurt..." Hisa sputtered, crying.
Blake walked over.
"Give her to me...There might be a chance that Mother may save her," Blake told us.
I held my hand over Hisa and Hikaru. Hikau was lying in Hisa's arms, her eyes closed and blood all over her.
"Get away from us! Haven't you done enough?!" I demanded.
Blake glared at me.
"You want her to live or not?! Mother saved her before, she can do it again. Now either you give Hikau to me and she'll live or if you don't, she'll die," Blake snapped.
Hisa looked at me.
"Keife, what should we do?" Hisa asked.
I gritted my teeth.
"You're lying..." I muttered.
"Am I? I remember Hikau was always in test tubes because for some reason she was badly injured and almost died. I thought taht she was an Android and Mother was trying to save her brain from crashing. But she's not, she's human like you. Mother is the only one who can save her and you have no choice. Because the doctors won't be able to save her. It's already almost too late if you tried to take her to a hospital. So you might as well give her to me," Blake told us.
Hisa held Hikau tightly.
"You won't give her back...You'll erase her memory of us and she'll be against us again!" Hisa shouted, tears falling down her face.
"That's a chance you'll have to take. Either Hikau will be alive or she'll be dead for trying to save your pathetic human life," Blake snapped.
I looked at Hisa.
"What?" I asked.
Hisa stared down at Hikaru.
"She ran in front of me and saved me..." Hisa whispered.
Blake held out his hands.
"Give me Hikaru or she'll die," Blake told us.
I glared at him.
"Hisa, do it," I told her.
"Why?" Hisa cried out.
"He's her only chance..." I told her.
Hisa slowly held Hikau to Blake who took her and turned around, walking away.
"Hikaru will be back..." Blake murmured.
Blake disappeared with Hikaru as I fell to the ground beside Hisa.
"Don't worry Hisa, even if Hikaru doesn't return to us. We'll find her. No matter what," I told her.
Hisa turned to me, tears in her eyes.
"It's all my fault..." Hisa sobbed.
I wrapped my arms around Hisa.
"Don't say that," I told her softly.
"If only I didn't freeze at the sight of that gun, Hikaru would still be with us..." Hisa started.
I shook my head.
"No matter what they do to her, she's human like us. No matter what, somehow she will always remember us...But first, we have to figure out why she's human and why they took her in the first place," I replied.
Hisa stood up, wiping her tears.
"My father might know..." Hisa said softly.
"We have to go see him, we need to find out why Hikaru is human and if she has any relation to you," I added.
Hisa stopped.
"Keife, I think I might know..." Hisa started.
I turned around.
"What? What do you know?" I asked.
Hisa looked at me.
"My mom, before she died started saying strange things...Like there was two of me..I think Hikaru is my sister or even better, my twin," Hisa answered.
I stared at Hisa.
"Your twin? Is it possible?" I asked.
"Yes, we must ask my dad what happened to Hikaru," Hisa answered.
We ran up the hill and to Hisa's house. Hisa's dad Makato Hoji was lying in bed, very sick and could not move much. He had dark hair like Hisa and Hikaru but not their aquamarine eyes.
"Father!" Hisa cried out.
Mikato pushed his glasses up and looked at us.
He smiled as she said, "Hisa, what is it?"
Hisa hugged him.
"Father, we need to know...Did I have a twin..?" H isa asked.
Mikato went silent.
"Hisa..Why do you..?" Mikato started.
"Father! Was her name Hikaru? Was it?!" Hisa shouted.
Mikato started coughing as Hisa reached for his pills and gave it to him. His heart was very weak and anything that scared or excited him made his heart go fast, then slow until it stopped.
Mikato took the pills and deep breaths before answering.
"Yes Hisa...Her name was Hikaru but what do you ask such questions?" Mikato asked.
"Father! Hikaru is alive! Hisa blurted out.
Mikato stared at her.
"Hikaru? No she's dead, she died at ten years ago..." Mikato told her.
"Lab? What are you talking about?" Hisa asked.
Mikato sighed.
"The truth is going to come out sooner or later...Hikaru..The government was using her for an experiment. The project was: Tech Knight, a somewhat super soldier without emotion and would complete their missions 100%. They kept injecting a substance known as Rune Crystals, which increased her abilities such strength and stamina. The downside was that, Hikaru was starting to bleed heavily from the drug being rejected from her body. Even a single cut would bleed heavily. Suddenly Hikaru stabbed her self and started bleeding. Hikaru died instantly and the government was forced to shut down the program and your mother and I were forced into secrecy. Your mother was traumatized from Hikaru dying, she never got over losing her and it killed her. Hikaru was only six...When the project was created..You two were separated at birth so you guys would not become too attached. My poor daughter...I can never forgive myself for what I've done but if I did not, the government would've took both of you...Hikaru was raised by the scientists who experimented. Hikaru was isolated and never shown love or compassion. She became heartless and cold, the anger and drugs must've took a toll on her and she killed herself..." Mikato let out a sob.
I stared at him, wondering if it was true.
"It can't be...Hikaru...She's a tech knight now...The government continued the project!" I cried out.
Hisa turned to me.
"Hikaru must've never died, they just told you that," I told Mikato.
"Why?" Mikato asked.
I turned away.
"We have to ask Blake..If he comes back.." I murmured.
We'll get them for what they did to Hikaru..
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Thats absolutely awful...

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For Elite XDD
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