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 Your blitzball teams?

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PostSubject: Your blitzball teams?   Mon Jul 21, 2008 5:24 am

Just wondering what you current team is?


left off - Wedge
right off - Biggs
mid - Tidus
left def - Judda
right def - Miyu
goalie - Yuma Guado
off field/right off - Lakkam (used for 2nd half of game: defence purposes)

I'm doing kickass with this team, all my defence knows nap tackle and can knock out almost every one they meet. My offence is good at wither shot (Wedge) to halve the goalie's catch, and both Jecht shot & Sphere shot help me heaps. I havn't had to use my goalie much, but he knows super goalie, so it's hard to get the ball past him Very Happy.
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Your blitzball teams?
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