Spira's Forgotten Legends: The forgotten story of Spira's controversial heroes.
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Zanarkand Empty
PostSubject: Zanarkand   Zanarkand EmptyWed Jun 11, 2008 4:03 am

Zanarkand Zanarkand
Zanarkand at dawn.

Zanarkand Zanarkandruins
Zanarkand at midnight.

Zanarkand Ruins, the name alone brings more weight than any other place in Spira's history. The rich history of Zanarkand is told throughout Spira and is recognized as the holiest place in the world. It is the final resting stop for Summoners, the temple in which you acquire the famed final aeon that is the only thing that can defeat Sin. The northern most tip of the Spiran continent, this is the final chapter of our story.

Key Locations:
Zanarkand Temple is the end of our story. A fatally important choice will be made and the greatest sacrifice imaginable will be made. Only the best get here, and no one moves further.
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