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 Non Continental Spira

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Non Continental Spira 6
Bikanel Island

Bikanel Island is home to the Al Bhed population. It is covered in sands across the surface of the land mass. This seemingly uninhabitable island is the last resort for the not so newly shunned Al Bhed. They have began to organize, and are starting to build a new home for their cause. It is going to take quite a long time for the home to be finished, but it is a start for the hated Al Bhed.

Key Locations:
Home is the new focal point of Bikanel, but in large part a tight secret so that they can avoid prosecution from the Al Bhd haters of the world.

There is a small oasis at the southern tip of the island that may have some significance in such a desert.

Non Continental Spira Baaj_Temple
Baaj Temple in Yuna's time.

The Baaj Temple is amidst a dark shroud of fog and mist in an inunhabited island off to the west of the continental Spira. In our time, it is not run down, it is a lavish, yet dangerous, unsanctified temple. Spirans know that is there, but the Legend that spurred from Yunalesca's tale has warded off visitors. Will our group face this unchartered challenge?

Omega Ruins
No pictures exist from the Omega Ruins. Chances are, if you go in to take one, you will not come out. This is the most dangerous place in Spira, home to two of the nastiest natural fiends in Ultima and Omega Weapon. No one has ever entered the Omega Ruins and come out alive, but it is famed folklore that anyone who does so will come out with riches.

Key Locations:
If you are inside the Omega Ruins, your life is in danger.
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Non Continental Spira
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