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 Besaid Island

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Besaid Island Besaid_Island
Besaid Island is located at the southernmost tip of the Spiran continent. It is also the home to the Besaid Temple, which houses Valefor, the initial aeon for just about every summoner. The island is poulated by loyal village goers that reside in small huts and humble adobes. The town is faithful to the temple in every way, which is at the north end of the town. There are paths between the village and the beach, filled with waterfalls and ancient ruins.

Key Locations:
The temple is the main sight of Besaid, and many Summoners start their journey there, making it pivotal.

The beach is at the south end of the continent. It has beautiful soft sand and a pier for the voyage to the next temple.

A large natural lake is on the eastern side of the main path connecting the town and the beach.

Besaid Island 00007
Typical attre for Besaid women and children
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Besaid Island
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