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Luca 00009
Blitzball Stadium

Luca Luca
Ariel View of Luca
Socioeconomical change has swept over the busiest city in Spira. The newly renovated stadium has brought a big economic boom that has caused a bit of stagflation. Many low level jobs have indeed opened, but there is no way that most Lucans can afford this new price of living. For a pilgrimage though, there is no place better to be.

Key Locations:
The stadium is the obvious main attraction. It brings in a ton of revenue and tourists, but has come with the price of a lack of middle class in Luca. The rich have gotten extremely rich and the poor have become extremely poor.

Residential district is found on the east side of the city, and it is nothing to be proud of. Cheap housing has been in high demand since the new stadium has been built and the living conditions are awful.

Shopping district is on the north side of the city, and is filled with lavish shopping centers and theatres. The rich live near this area.

Luca 800px-Picday35-1
This is a blitzball player for the Luca Goers, and how most dress in Luca.
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