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 Mi'ihen Highroad/Mushroom Rock

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Mi'ihen Highroad/Mushroom Rock Empty
PostSubject: Mi'ihen Highroad/Mushroom Rock   Mi'ihen Highroad/Mushroom Rock EmptyWed Jun 11, 2008 3:45 am

Mi'ihen Highroad/Mushroom Rock Miihenhighroad
Mi'ihen Highroad
This road links the city of Luca and Mushroom Rock Road. It is also the road that Lord Mi'ihen, creator of the Crusaders (initially known as the Crimson Blades) walked on to face a trial of Yevon. The clergy thought that his organization was dangerous to the church; however, he convinced them that he was no threat, and they made his group an arm of the Yevon clergy. Beyond the travel agency, the road separates into two different paths. The lower path is called the "Old Road" and may have been the path Lord Mi'ihen traveled. It is a narrow path that is now used mostly when someone falls off the highroad.

With the sudden economic boom from Luca's new stadium, many of the poor people can't even afford to live in the newly built slums. The next thing for them to do was to go and settle on the highroad, and many tent infested villages have began to pop up along the sides of the road. Only the poorest of people live here and the most prominent businesses are run on alcohol.

Key Locations:
South entrance from Luca is well known and the stone steps are lavishly decorated.
Towards the latter section of Mi'ihen is a large open plain under the high twisting roads that has been a prominent breeding grounds for chocobos.
A rest stop lies in the middle of the highroad.

Mi'ihen Highroad/Mushroom Rock Mushroomrockroad
Mushroom Rock Road
This road is notable mostly for its mushroom shaped rock formations that build up the curving path to get to Djose. Occasionally serving as a primary base for the Crusaders, the fiends here are some of the most vicious early on in a young Summoner's journey.

Key Locaions:
Many battles have taken place on the northern beaches of Mushroom Rock Road.
Deep below the road is a dangerous cavern with a large mass of pyreflies.
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Mi'ihen Highroad/Mushroom Rock
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