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 Djose Temple

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PostSubject: Djose Temple   Djose Temple EmptyWed Jun 11, 2008 3:47 am

Djose Temple Djose
Exterior Djose Temple

Djose Temple 1_102
Bridge to the Temple

The Djose Temple is a welcome site for all gaurdians after the long travel through Mi'ihen Highroad and Mushroom Rock Road. It provides a nice rest area, and the aeon Ixion is quite the asset to any Summoner. The lightning surrounding the temple is quite violent and reacts whenever a Summoner enters the chamber of the fayth. Acquiring the third aeon adds a boat load of validity to a Summoner's pilgrimage as well.

Key Locations
The temple is really the only thing special about Djose that anyone cares for. There is however a small shopping hut next to the temple to restock on a journey.
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Djose Temple
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