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PostSubject: Other RPC's   Sun Jun 15, 2008 8:55 pm

I decided to make a thread where we could show off our RPC's and say things about them.

This thread is really for helping with rp ability, so move it to an rp area if it pertains to such. BUUUUUUT. until then....I have a few to post ^_^

but I'll wait for someone else to post theirs. Any takers?
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PostSubject: Re: Other RPC's   Sun Jun 15, 2008 11:47 pm

Don't mean to spam but does RPC stand for RolePlay Character or something else?
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PostSubject: Re: Other RPC's   Mon Jun 16, 2008 8:27 am


But no one? T_T

Eh. I made the thread cause I was bored. XD
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PostSubject: Re: Other RPC's   Mon Jun 16, 2008 11:47 am

i will add mine cause i am just that way

Name:depends on the npc and who i am playing it for and its role
age:depends on the npc and who i am playing it for and its role
everything els:depends on the npc and who i am playing it for and its role

lol! hehehe i am evryone you see that hols next to no importance and yet is needed to make it feel more real
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Character (Race) : Akuma Shinigami
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PostSubject: Re: Other RPC's   Mon Jun 16, 2008 1:18 pm


well then. I might as well put the one I use mostly anymore.

anyone who is on Gaia my user is the same as on here Very Happy

Here's a sheet for a character I play, a shinigami(soul reaper/deathgod)

Name: Asuma Haruka
Nickname:Yasui Akuma((Peaceful Demon))
Sex: Male
Race: Shinigami
Age: Looks around 16
Real Age: Lost track after 200 years
Height: 5’ 10”
Hair Color: Black
Eye Color: Blood Red or Crimson
Reiatsu Color: Crimson
Blood Type: O-
Asuma's Appearance

Element: Metal
Affinity: Whatever he feels like at the moment.
Personality: Asuma, usually known for his bloodthirsty, cocky attitude, had decided to turn over a new leaf, so to say. Losing his bloodthirsty intentions, he found inner peace, and now looks at the world in a different way. He sees battle as a choice, one that can be interesting or pointless, depending on the situation. He keeps his eyes closed most of the time, listening to everything around him. He doesn't talk much, but still carries a proud, happy demeanor around him comrades and friends.
Ki Ikou((Raw Power)): A blade forged made completely from Asuma’s reiatsu, made to combat the shinigami Tadashi’s zanpaktou’s power to copy any blade it touches. The blade is in the shape of a large Falchion, and near unbreakable. The blade is silver, like a regular blade, but has a notch right before the guard so that the user can grip it for better handling. The hilt looks like a dragon’s horn, and is wrapped with black leather. Where the user’s hand grips the hilt, the guard shoots down, in an L shape off the main guard, and goes a few inches. The same thing happens on the blunt side of the blade, but the guard this time goes out in the direction of the blade, coming to a stop a few inches. There is a gem in the middle of the guard where reiatsu can be stored for later use. The blade’s power is that it amplifies any reiatsu put into it, allowing Asuma to use his abilities with ease.
Swords Abilities:
-Shatter into the wind, Ki Ikou!
Description: As the wind blows, the blade's metal slowly dissipates, as it turns into a fine metal powder. Still having the same amount of reiatsu as before, the abilities of the whole cloud are astounding. When in this state, the blade can be reformed into a different kind of blade, or be used to make smaller, much stronger blades, or even a high density shield. Normally this would be impossible, but because of the amount of reiatsu in the shards, makes it easy as controlling regular reiatsu.
Asuma’s Abilities: Healing Art #1: A simple healing technique that allows the user to heal any external wounds on his or her body, by changing the user’s reiatsu to have healing properties. If any other kidou is used while this technique is in use, then the technique is cancelled.
Healing Art #2: An advanced healing technique that allows the user to make a sphere of healing reiatsu and heal any external would of an ally or other person/shinigami. The sphere must be 1cm wider than the length of the cut for the technique to work in full effect.
Taichaori Art #1: A simple healing kidou that allows the user to heal cuts on the outside of a person’s body. A green flame-like reiatsu is on the user’s hands, and goes into the wound, healing it by replacing the cells that were lost.
Taichaori Art #2: An advanced healing kidou that allows the user to heal internal wounds that cannot be seen. The technique requires complete concentration, and takes a lot of reiatsu to work.
Black Chain Eruption((Kuro Kusari Funka)): The user’s reiatsu is made into chains that go around the user. The user can then control the chains trajectory and make them go anywhere. Small blades can be attached to the ends of these chains.
Black Chain Maker((Kuro Kusari Me-Ka)): The user can turn their reiatsu into chains by concentrating the reiatsu into the shape of chains. They can be controlled and can have small blades on the end of them.
Blade Maker((Ken Me-Ka)): Small blades, or larger blades, can be made from the user’s reiatsu. Most notably a small knife with a blunt end, or larger blades with metal hilts, any kind of blade can be made with this technique when mastered, although it has not been reached yet.
Hundred Blade Death((Hyaku Ken Sendo)): The user must either make the blades first, or make the blades while this technique is being used. The user puts blades into the ground, or in other objects, and then stands in the middle of them. Then, by sending a small blast of reiatsu out, the blades explode out of wherever they are. Mostly used to either immobilize or finish off an opponent, it can either take a small amount of reiatsu or take a large amount, depending on what kind of blade the user makes.
Shunpo: The user sends a blast of reiatsu to their feet, and it propels them forward at high speeds.
Metal Forge((Kane Fo-Ji)): Able to make blades and shields out of reiatsu, Asuma learned that he can make any type of metal-based weapon or object he could think of. Although he has not mastered this technique or learned everything he can make, he can make shields, blades, and chains out of his reiatsu at the moment. Later when more training is received will he understand his true power.

Blade Stances:
Falchion((Ki Ikou)): A stance that prides itself on power from drawing the blade, attacka are always preformed after the drawing of the blade. Asuma has adapted this stance with his falchion, because he can use it to strike with his reiatsu, thus causing the maximum damage.
Stance Moves:
Two Section Separation((Ni Ka Kairi)): Usually used as a first strike, this attack is preformed by ducking under a blade, and attacking an exposed midsection. The blade is draw, and sliced at the midsection, trying to slice the enemy in half.
Flying Blade Draw((Hisan Ken Wake)): Used as a long ranged draw, when drawn and slashed, blades are made from the users reiatsu. A number of blades can be thrown and manipulated, depending on the users ability to control reiatsu.
Power Burst((Ikou Heki)): Either a long range or short range draw, reiatsu can be put into the blade to increase the power and range, depending on how much reiatsu is put into the blade. The reiatsu can be fired from the blade to make smaller blades and chains, or whatever other form the user wishes it to take.
Squad: Ex of squad 3 and 4, current member of squad 6
Other: Asuma wears two gloves on his hands ever since he attained Bankai, that cut his power in half. He put these on to limit the amount of reiatsu his opponents would feel, and so they would underestimate him. He will only take these off in a fight if he feels the need to, or if he wishes to go all out.((Pretty much like Zaraki Kenpachi's eyepatch. It limits the amount of reiatsu I can use by eating and disposing of a certain amount of reiatsu. When I take them off, I am at full power.))
History: Asuma was born in the poorest section of Rukon, and lived there his whole soul life. He didn’t remember anything that had happened to him during his human life, as most souls didn’t. He grew up with people he met there, and had to fight to survive; to eat, to get shelter, and to keep living. One day, however, he saw one of the people who he was living with at the time being beat up by some other people from a different district of rukon. He intervened, coming at them with a knife he had found the day before. They brought out crowbars, pipes, and other weapons. He managed to wound some of them, but was easily beaten back afterwards. As they came in for the kill, he called out, and reiatsu he had all his life poured out, forming into the blade he has now. Seeing that he had power, the other ones who were trying to kill him ran off. Some shinigami that had been passing by felt a small rise in spirit pressure, and went to check it out, thinking that it was a hollow. When they arrived, however, they saw Asuma lying on the ground, unconscious with his Zanpaktou in his hands. They took him to 4th squad and he was healed, and then sent to the soul society academy, where he was trained to be a shinigami. He managed to get out a few times, and visited the people who he had been living with ever since he came to soul society. However, when he came to see them, he found out that they had been killed by the people he had been attacked by. From that day on he was cynical, bloodthirsty, and always looking for a fight. He vowed that he would find who killed his family he had made, and would return the favor they had done for him.


Spirit’s Appearance: Kurohyou((Panther))
Katana Appearance:
Shikai Name: Kurohyou
Translation: Panther
Element: Darkness
Stage(s) of Shikai:
Initial: Looks like the regular katana, except for the blade is completely black.
1st- Kuro Bibu
Translation: Black Tail
Shikai Appearance: The katana extends out, and turns into a ball and chain. The ball sprouts spikes that can be exploded out and controlled to go wherever the user wants. The spikes can be imploded, and leave small holes that leak a black mist. The real length of the chain is unknown, as Asuma can make it longer by using his reiatsu, or make it smaller. Asuma can retract the ball to the hilt, and then throw it from there.
2nd- Hitonomi
Translation: Bite
Shikai Appearance: The blade, whatever stage it in, melts, and then melds with the user’s body. The metal now bonds to the hands and feet, making claws with long blades at the end. The power of this stage is that the user’s speed is doubled when first attained, and then tripled when mastered.
3rd- Kuro Kage
Translation: Black Shadow
Shikai Appearance: The blade now changes to two separate blades that are bound by the hilts by a long chain. The main blade is a large Flamberge, that is around five feet long, the blade at least. The blade starts off medium width, like a claymore, and then extends out, coming to a point, which goes down into another point. The elongated part looks like a wider V shape. On the elongation, the ends of the blade are cut, and sharpened, so that if a blade gets hit by it, it slows the speed of the blade down, eventually stopping it, like a regular Flamberge. The color of the blade is a dark purple. The second blade is an exact replica of the katana initial release, except for that its blade is smaller than the katana’s. The powers of this stage are that there are different sections on the larger bade, that can split apart, but be connected together by a long chain, to increase it’s range. The second is that the smaller blade can be dropped, and disappear, coming out anywhere the user wishes.
Bankai Name: Yami Kusari Ousama, Kuro Kurohyou((Black Chain King, Black Panther))
Bankai User Appearance: The same clothes, except for now the user is covered by a black coat-like robe, that sleeves are longer than the user’s arms. The bottom of the robe goes down to Asuma’s thighs. There are chains coming from the sleeves that connect to the user’s arms. The feet are caught in the second stage Hitonomi, and the speed of the shinigami is not only tripled, but it is then doubled. The user has two large blades of the third stage that have the smaller blades of the release as well.
Bankai Powers: Can mass create chains or blades from the user’s hands. The user must first swipe the hand and send a burst of reiatsu out. Then, chains appear from within the sleeves, and can form into any shape, most notably a large claw-like hand or a sphere that is used to restrain and kill.
Can max speed to that of a sonido. The user can send either a small burst of reiatsu into the feet to activate the regular hitonomi speed burst, or send a larger burst to send the user flying as fast as a sonido. The technique cannot be used more than three times in a row, as the user will lose control and most likely crash into something, causing massive damage to whatever is hit.
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PostSubject: Re: Other RPC's   Mon Jun 16, 2008 2:50 pm

o-o whoa..Hey I'll join, I'm kind of rusty so it'll be good for a little practice. I have to go pick up my brother right now but I'll edit this and add a RPC when I come back, though to be honest, it might not be as good as yours xD

Edit: I too go on gaia, this is an old character that wasn't accepted into an rp (I added a few things from the orginal profile).

Name: Sherry Crimseye
Gender: Female
Age: 17
Appearance: Short, black hair that touches her chin with red highlights and dark, brown eyes that change crimson when she uses her power. Her face is slightly heart-shaped with a scar across her right cheek near her eye that is covered by the ninja headband she wears that is made from a black fabric with a plated metal, with a slash across the middle of the plate. She also wears a black, netted top with a red, halter top that ties around her neck with a red skirt across her torso that has a slit in the fabric on both sides of the skirt, revealing fishnet stockings underneath that cover her legs leading down to her red, tie sandels. Around Sherry's neck is a black, lace choker with a silver locket; a present from her close friend and on her wrists is two wristbands, one blue and the other green, also presents from her friends.

Battle: Sherry uses martial arts but also kunai knives, shurikens, and a long, japanese sword. She relies on her speed and also her power which allows her to disappear and reappear when she likes. Even though she seems like a loner and only fights to survive, when someone she cares about is in danger, she will do what she can to protect them, risking her own life in the process.

Personality: Sherry is boisterious, arrogant, short-temper, smart-mouth, seducing, but can be nice, sweet, and caring when she wants to. As a child, she was all her good traits but as she fought to survive, her personality was forced to change. To her friends, she's kind and watches out for them but when asked about her past, she becomes angry and cold. Around people she doesn't like, she is always mean and will even throw her knives or shurkiens at them. Also, when someone calls her a girl or weak, Sherry will pick a fight and ultimately try to prove that person wrong.

Past history: Her parents were killed by assassins that were after her and she survived by hiding in a cabinet and watch their murder. When Sherry tried to run, she was followed and fell into the ocean to escape. She was found and raised by a kind old lady and her son who taught Sherry martial arts and to use weapons. Unforunately her happiness did not last long as her assassins found her and murdered both the old lady and her son. Sherry had no choice but to escape, using her power that allowed her to disappear in the shadows. Realizing that anyone close to her would be killed, Sherry changed to someone who no one would want to be friends with.

Last edited by Sprinkles on Mon Jun 16, 2008 11:32 pm; edited 1 time in total (Reason for editing : Added RPC)
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PostSubject: Re: Other RPC's   Mon Jun 16, 2008 4:02 pm

I'm afraid my rping is quite limited. In my old age, I typically can only be a human with human power. It's the only thing I feel I can write accurately. Maybe I can write fantasy stories or something as long as I can still be a human, but nothing else appeals to my brain anymore. That's a well developed profile you have right there.


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PostSubject: Re: Other RPC's   Mon Jun 16, 2008 4:35 pm

aaryn dude how long did that take you to write?O_o it scares me lol
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PostSubject: Re: Other RPC's   Mon Jun 16, 2008 4:38 pm

Alright, I'll join in. Just tell me what exactly you need/want.
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PostSubject: Re: Other RPC's   Mon Jun 16, 2008 9:33 pm

Sprinkles: It probably'll be better. I worked on this one for a WHILE way longer than I usually do.
Jimi: thanks XD
Ben: Around two hours. And that was after I had already been planning it out for a week or so.
Seb:Just post an RPC that you've used before. doesn't have to be anything specific.
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PostSubject: Re: Other RPC's   Tue Jun 17, 2008 10:17 am

Ohmygaaawwd! So many cool charries!! Shinigami (Deathnote! >.<), and ninja, andandand. *dies from coolness overload.* Well, I guess I'll hop on in (With a FF themed charrie! Beware it's longness! >.<) Skim through it if you like:

Name: Satiri
Pronunciation of Name: Sa (like the ‘a’ in sat)-tear-e (Like the ‘e’ sound in teeth.)
Meaning of Name: To fly, take flight, or in the process of flying (Depending on the context).
Age: 21
Class: Geomancer
Race: Gria
Gender: Male
(Innate) Element: Crystal

Eyes: His eyes are a bright pink. He can be identified by his pink eye color, and when being referred to by people who don’t know him they call him the pink eyed man (or kid, depending on how old the person is.)
Hair and style: His hair is a pale orange. His bangs are spiky and jutting out from all angles on his head, but the rest of it falls past his shoulders to about his mid back. He ties it back either in one loose ponytail, or ties it in two ponytails. He also wears it out from time to time. He’s got two long horns on his head, which are a dark orange color. They are pointed at the end, and very hard.
Height: Five feet, nine inches.
Weight: 122lbs
Build: He has a muscular build, which comes from his high metabolism and his constant moving about. He’s skinny, but not stick-figure skinny. He’s got two wings jutting out from his back, which are a bit shorter than one of his outstretched arms, and a little taller than his midsection. They are a darker orange than his hair. The skin of his wings is light orange and semi-transparent, and you can see the veins in his wings. The bone of his wings (The part that actually connects to his body and is the basic structure of the wing.) is covered in smooth scales. He also has a tail sprouting from the base of his spine, the same color as his wings. It has pointed tip, much like a lizard’s tail. It is also covered in smooth scales like the wings.
Skin: His skin is a light color, semi-tanned from his sun exposure.
Scars, etc: He’s got a small slice mark (which looks like a thin line, lighter than his skin.) on his neck from when his kidnapper cut him with a knife. Other than that, he’s got only a few scratches that have not gone away yet. He has a tattoo he got when he turned eighteen, it’s a symbol of the sun within the symbol of the earth, and it is on a caduceus, which is a symbol of protection. From the symbol of the sun in the symbol of the earth, there are what appear to be dragon wings.

Usual Clothing: He wears a black, sleeveless full body suit that zips up in the front (He always leaves his zipper down some, about to the center of his chest. Not much of his chest shows, though.). The suit is made of a stretchy but leathery type of material that shows off his figure but isn’t extremely tight and it has a short-ish collar, which is usually covered by the chocobo collar. The legs of the suit are tucked into brown boots that zip up at the sides and have belts over the toe part. There’s a type of leg guard on the right boot, which is made of a silver metal and has a big oval jewel on it that is blue in color.

Over the suit, he wears a pink and orange tattered robe that has light pink feather designs on it; he believes it flatters his eye and hair colors. The right sleeve looks torn off a bit after his shoulder and shows off his tattoo. The robe ends a teeny bit past his butt. The robe shows off some of his suit underneath. To keep the robe closed, he wears a brown belt over his waist that has blue leathery fabric on either side of it. On his left shoulder is a metal shoulder guard.

He wears red gloves, both made from the same tough, stretchy material, though the right one is not as long. The right one ends a bit before his elbow, and has a type of hand guard on it made from the same metal as his shoulder guard, which starts before his fingers and goes back to the end of the glove. The guard is held to the glove by two loops that his thumb and pinky go through. The left glove is almost the same, except it goes to his elbow, and the guard is held to the glove by brown fabric that goes around the guard and his wrist. On the end of the glove (Rather, where the hole is for him to stick his hand in), there is a thin band of blue fabric, then a thicker band of silver fabric.

Birthday: November 23, Sagittarius
Birthplace: Ivalice
Family: Gaorin, his older brother. Though he doesn’t see his brother much, they keep in touch through Gaorin and his messenger bird, Tillie, and send each other small packages back and forth. His father is alive, but he’s not too fond of him. He looks to Elle Strauss as his aunt. His mother is deceased.

Likes: Rain (It feels cleansing and the sound it makes is relaxing.), flying (The wind on his face makes him feel free and without burdens.), eating (Who doesn’t love stuffing their face?), apples (An apple a day keeps the doctor away…besides, they taste good.), pretty much any fruit, crystals (They’re pretty, and sparkle when held up to the light.), reptilian creatures (Birds of a feather…er, scale.), protecting people (He loves to feel like he’s doing something that makes a difference.), gambling (“That last bet was rigged—I’ll win for sure next time!”), animals(Who doesn’t?), clouds (They look like you could just reach up and pull them down to stuff your pillow…or cuddle them.), stars (They’re so pretty and untouchable.), fire (Such a beautiful thing, yet so painful if you’re not careful), friendly people (No one likes a mean person, now.), males (Well, I’m sure everyone knows the reason for this.).
Dislikes: Silence (Too much will actually make him insane.), empty spaces (When he was kidnapped, he was put in a plain empty room, and he’s been afraid of empty rooms and spaces ever since.), defiling nature (Nature’s beautiful the way it is, why would someone mess it up?), watching nature being defiled (Watching is even worse than doing it, because sometimes you can’t stop it.), being useless (If you can’t help, then what good are you?), being unable to protect those he loves (He feels like a failure, and it kills him inside to know he couldn’t save someone.), people calling him Pinky (I mean, ew, what type of name is [i]that?[i/]), people grabbing him (He freaks, because of his past.), and people he doesn’t know touching his mark on his neck (one too many women—and men—have done this. It’s his weakness to him, he doesn’t much like the idea of someone feeling all on it.)

Occupation: Bodyguard for Aiden (Hired by Elle Strauss)
Aspirations/ Goals: To do something that makes a big difference, to protect those he loves and cares for
Achievements: Once won a rigged bet, saved a baby bird from being eaten by a Fang, became a (very good) bodyguard, taught Myx how to shake hands.
Key Items/ Personal Treasures: One of the scales he shed when he was younger; he kept it as a reminder to himself that he changes every day, the collar of the chocobo that saved his life (He wears it around his own neck.), a crystal about the size of his palm, that you can see the color spectrum if you hold it up to the light and let it shine on a flat object.
Pets: Myx (Pronounced mix), a white male Coeurl.

Strengths: Friends, love, fighting skills, geomancy abilities, optimism, looks (It gets him places…)
Weaknesses: Friends (They’re used against him more than once.), love (People he loves are also used against him.), he’s ticklish (In his left arm, a bit below the shoulder, his left and right sides, his belly, and his lower back, near the base of his tail. He’s also ticklish near the base of his wings.), silence.

Personality: Satiri is a very lively, eccentric person. He’s flirty and fun, and loves being the life of the party. He’ll be the first in the pub, and the last one out (Sometimes even the barkeepers get tired of tending to him, so the ones he’s familiar with leave him to close up shop, and he’s trustworthy enough to pay for whatever he drinks.). On the flip side, however, he’s deep and thoughtful; always contemplating meaningful things (The booze does this to him sometimes, too.). Though he flirts, he’s serious about relationships, and while in one has eyes only for his partner. He’s quick to make acquaintances, but keeps only a few real friends. He flirts with men and women alike, and it crushes females when they find out his sexuality. He’ll die protecting those he cares about and when he can’t protect someone, he is known to lapse into a fit of depression, no matter how small the event. He does not like being alone, but can be independent when he needs to. He takes a long time making choices, because he always wonders how something will benefit him in the long run as well. He wears hooded cloaks to cover his horns, but it obviously does not make him any less attractive. Outsiders see him as an enigma sometimes (when he’s in his contemplative mood.). Other times, they see him as a flirt. He can be a bit cold when angry or annoyed, and without realizing it. He’s not very open on expressing his true feelings, and his flirtatious nature is a cover-up for his shyness. It takes a lot to get him angry, but when you do…watch for flying objects and people. People who truly know him say his spirit is like a flame, and they feel as though they are moths, and are helplessly drawn to him.

Weapon: Staff
Skills/ Proficiencies/ Abilities: He’s good at adjusting to different terrain to fight his opponent.
Unique Skill: He can fly, glide, and jump farther than average people because of his wings.
Magic: Geomancy:
Pitfall – A warp in space/time damages enemy (Can be used on natural surfaces, wastelands, roads)
Water Ball –He can cause water damage to enemies (Can be used in waterways, rivers, lakes, seas, waterfalls)
Hell Ivy – He can make the plants around him cause damage (Can be used in grasslands, thickets, near water plants or ivy)
Carve Model – He can cause earth damage by making a small-scale whirlwind of rocks, mud and gravel. (Can be used on gravel, stone floors, stone walls, rocky cliffs, lava rocks, mud walls, tombstones)
Kamaitachi – He can cause atmospheric damage (Using a book, near or on trees, bricks, bridges, furniture, iron plates, moss, coffins)
Demon Fire –He can use mysterious powers to damage enemies (Can be used on wooden floors, rugs, boxes, stairs, decks)
Sand Storm – He can deal dust damage (sand area, stalactite, salt)
Blizzard - He can deal ice damage (snow, ice)
Gusty Wind – He can deal wind damage (roof, sky, chimney)
Lava Ball – He can deal fire damage (lava, machine, near fire)
Battle Technique/Style: It depends on the terrain he’s fighting on, but the basic strategy is to take out the enemy as quickly as possible, and protect his allies. He and Myx work as a team, and Myx is intimidating to human and monster opponents alike, so if he doesn’t scare them, then he attacks using his own attacks. He also acts as a cover for Satiri if he gets hurt.

History: Satiri was born on a full moon in the middle of the night, and both his parents, and brother (Who was 4 at the time.) were ecstatic. When he was one, he had shed his first scales, and he keeps one with him as a reminder. Things went normal for a while. He did normal kid things like climbing trees, rough housing, and the like. Then, when Satiri was four, he was kidnapped. He was playing a bit away from his house, when a shadowy man had grabbed him and pressed a knife to his throat to keep him quiet (This is where the mark on his neck came from.). The man had taken him to an abandoned house of sorts, and put him in a plain, empty room. There was a ransom of about 10,000 Gil for him. His parents couldn’t possibly pay, so he was missing for about a week. Satiri was so scared, and didn’t stop crying the whole time. Luckily, he was found by a rescue squad chocobo. The chocobo nearly died rescuing him (The guy turned out to be a mage who knew some strong attacks and, as he boasted, was “in need of a few chocobo feathers.”), and because he was so grateful, he asked for the chocobo’s collar to remember him. Since then, he’s had a soft spot for chocobos, and has vowed to act as valiant as the chocobo that saved him, and save and protect someone else.

A while after he turned ten, he began to notice that he could interact with the terrain he was on in a very special way. He kept this discovery to himself, besides telling his brother, Gaorin, who thought it was cool and tried to help him develop the power. He did end up telling his mother’s friend, Elle. She then told him about Geomancers and their abilities, and how she believed he was one. He’s known Elle Strauss for a long time, and she knew his now deceased mother.

When Satiri was thirteen and just hitting puberty, he started to notice that he had many, many guy crushes, and barely any girl crushes. He figured it was safe to say he was probably gay. And gay he was. He only went after one of those guy crushes, and was very crushed himself when he found out the other guy didn’t like him back. From then on, he didn’t pursue partners that much, unless he was absolutely sure they felt the same.

His mother died when he was about 15, from an unknown illness she had not known she had. He and his father already didn’t quite see eye, especially on the fact that he wanted to be a geomancing bodyguard rather than an Archer like his father (He had decided this, and told his father about a year or so before his mother died.). The disagreement had lead to many shouting matches, and Satiri once even went so far as to run away from home for about four days.

On his ‘vacation’ from home, Satiri was stumbling through the forest in the middle of the day. There, he found Myx when he was a few months younger than a year. The little Coeurl had immediately warmed up to him (Being so young, he didn’t know that humans were dubbed ‘bad’ amongst monsters.), and seeing as how its mother was nowhere near, he took him in. He named the Coeurl Myx because he looked like a strange cross between a white tiger and a lynx. Since then, he and Myx have been inseparable and are always together. Finally, Gaorin coaxed him into coming back. Gaorin supported Satiri’s decision, and took up Archer in his place. Satiri was very grateful to his brother, and promised to write him as often as possible when he left home.

On his 17th birthday, Satiri left home for good, and set out to be a Bodyguarding Geomancer.

Other Info: The messenger bird, Tillie, has the oddest habit of dropping packages off at the strangest of times (During battle, or in a tight situation.), and sometimes, she drops off items that are exactly what Satiri needs. Other times, she drops off the right thing…except much too late. When he sends a letter, he usually gets it back a day later at the most. Packages take a while longer.

Yey, Satiri! ;3 Btw, the name meaning is made up. >.<
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