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Guadosalam Dguadosalam
Guadosalam Mansion
Home of the Guado and the location of the entrance to the Farplane. Most summoners only made a short stop here on their way to the Zanarkand Ruins to pay respects to their fallen. The Guado have been a very peaceful and isolated people, as travelers typically do not opt to journey through the Thunder Plains to get there. The bended trees act as walkways as people move from house to house along the tmber.

Guadosalam Farplane
The Farplane is the final resting place for the people of Spira. Summoners send the souls of the dead to the Farplane using a ritual dance called the Sending. If they are not sent, they will be forced to wander in the land of the living. Eventually, they grow to envy, and even hate the living, and this hatred will turn them into to fiends. The main entrance to the Farplane for mortals is located in Guadosalam, where the people called the Guado look after the Farplane.

Key Locations:
The mansion at the center of the lower level is owned by the wealthiest of Guados, but is mostly used for receptions and welcoming Summoners. Large feasts for all the Guados are held regularly.

The farplane is the most well renouned location as people come to visit the deceased of the past.

There is a shop/inn on the upper level of the trees before the path is taken to the farplane.
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