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 Sand in My Boots (Ch.2)

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PostSubject: Re: Sand in My Boots (Ch.2)   Tue Jun 24, 2008 1:37 am


Tif, Shinu, and Mieli made their way back down the dune towards Home. Lights glowed within tents and fires were crackling and swaying outside in the night breaze. The sun sunk a little when Tif last saw it.

"Okay, so here's what's going on. A man by the of Mick owes me a favor, and he has an airship. I can pull some strings, so he should be able to get us to Besaid. If you guys can explain to him you're situation, I'm sure he'll be more than glad to offer us a lift."

After explaining to Mieli and Shinu, they crept through the rows of white tents. Some of the Al Bhed glared while other just chose to ignore. Within a matter of seconds, Tif stopped at one of the tents. It looked like all the others, though there was a sign that said "Mick" in front of the home.

"Don't say a word unless he asks you a question."

Tif pushed aside a flap of the tent and made an entrance for the trio. Shinu went in first, followed by Mieli, and lastly, Tif. Shinu and Mieli stood behind Tif as she she began to speak in Al Bhed.

"Mick! The airship! I need it, and pronto! Take me and these two to Besaid Island. Remember, you owe me one!'

"Ah, Tif! Such a hasty request!" Mick sat comfortably in a cushoned chair and smoking a cigarette. Mick looked like any other Al Bhed: blonde hair and sprialy green eyes. He was a little taller than Shinu and he was also muscular. He wore forest green pants, a navy blue sleeveless form fitting shirt, and long gloves. He had shaded goggles on as well as a head band. Mick took a puff from his cigarette and sighed. He thought for a long moment while smoking his cigarette. He did, however, owe Tif a big favor for saving his life in the desert. "Tif, you've got yourself a deal. But only because you saved my life!"

"I thought so. But let's leave! Now!"

"And your friends?"

"We just need to get to Besaid, that's all. And you won't have to take us back, either!"

Mick sighed and exited the tent. It was an obvious sign that he wanted them to follow him into the unknown.

Mick, Tif, Mieli, and Shinu were in the middle of construction site of Home. They stood on top of a platform, and on it was a lever. Mick pulled the lever. The platform shook and made the passengers on it have the same affect.

"Hey, be careful!" Tif loosened up a bit and stood straight up.

After a little elevator trouble, the platform had begun to make its way down a shaft that would take them to an airship. It was dark, but neon green lights placed inside the walls filled the upside tunnel. It wasn't long before the platform hit the ground and "clicked" into place. Mick was the first to leave the platform, who had lifted up a switch. Lights lit up everywhere. Shinu, Mieli and Tif saw a monstrous metal machina: the airship. It was an unusual shape, but it was airship, nonetheless. From the looks of the airship, no one from that time period would ever know that it would discovered from its watery grave a thousand years into the future and reclaimed by the Al Bhed.

"Hurry on up inside!"

Tif, Mieli, and Shinu up a metal staircase and across a platform, which led them inside the airship. Outside, Mick pulled a few more levers. On the surface of Home, sand had begun to fall into the earth. Under the sand were two platforms. Whenever the airship toook flight, the platforms would part from each other to make an exit. Mick didn't wait for it to fully open up, but instead went the same way as his passengers did before him.

The airship was full of gadgets and gizmos. There were also a lot of computers. Inside were some Al Bhed, which was a little unsuspecting to the three. Tif, Shinu, and Mieli peeked around the front of the airship. It was pretty exciting for all three. in the middle of their analyzing, the mechanical doors of the airship parted and in came Mick.

"Alright, kiddies, sit back and enjoy the ride!"

Tif likes


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PostSubject: Re: Sand in My Boots (Ch.2)   Tue Jun 24, 2008 2:27 am

Shinu marveled at the way Tiffany handled the situations so easily as they came to her. The calm and optimistic aura she carried was a pleasant change from the way Shinu was himself. He wasn't used to relying on other people, just Mieli really, but trusting Tif came naturally almost. She was going to be a great choice, and do a better job, he just hoped she would agree.

As much as he was in awe of Tiffany as he was this marvelous airship. It would be so nice if he could keep it, or travel Spira in it, but that would be just a bit too easy for anyone. He was happy just to be getting a ride to Besaid. The airship was a thing of beauty, and they were certainly traveling in style. He hoped with all of his heart that Tiffany would find something while they were traveling so that Shinu could feel that he paid her back appropriately for everything she'd done for them so far.

He smiled at her as she sat across from him on the airship. Besaid was a nice place to go, and after that, Kilika. That was the place he badly needed to get to. He was getting a little homesick, missing his mom and his hut, just wanting to see her smile again would be enough to get him set for the rest of the journey. For now though, he really had to try harder to stop thinking about that, or it was never going to happen. Tiffany certainly wasn't helping by never acknowledging his obvious flattery, but she didn't seem to mind either. Shinu actually laughed about it for a second and then looked back at tiffany, she was going to make a great friend. That doubled his total friend count, and he was feeling a lot better about the journey ahead.

The airship was off the ground, and well on its way to Besaid. Shinu could only keep smiling as he looked forward to another grand adventure, he seemed to not be able to help himself.

To be continued...


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Sand in My Boots (Ch.2)
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