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 Thunder Plains

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Thunder Plains Empty
PostSubject: Thunder Plains   Thunder Plains EmptyWed Jun 11, 2008 3:50 am

Thunder Plains Thunderplains
Thunder Plains Ariel
The thunder plains seems to have no real relevance like the rest of the places a Summoner must go through on their journey. It's a trial without the cloister in a sense, an intimidating land of relentless lightning and thunder that can deter a Summoner from finishing their pilgrimage. We can only hope that this group can make it through.

Key Locations:
There are ten large pillars that are built to absorb the lightning and allow for brief breathers while traveling through. It is not wise to stand still out in the open becase you will get shocked.

Exactly half way through the path, there is a rest area with a small selection of shopping to be done.
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Thunder Plains
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