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 Marinus' Travel Log

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Character (Race) : Marinus (Human)
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PostSubject: Marinus' Travel Log   Marinus' Travel Log EmptySat Jun 21, 2008 7:54 am

[Marinus' Profile]

Location: Luca (Goers' locker room)
Time: 2:45pm
Event: Beat the Kilika Beasts
Company: Team (mainly Rosco)
Reaction: Beat those kids and sent them packing! They decide to use an knock-out attack on me, so I retaliate by giving them hell.

The score was tight for the first half, two goals on both sides. How could I have let them through!

The second half was much more better for me. They did get the first goal for the second half, but we got them back very quickly with a goal of our own. They managed to slip past us and get yet another one, which really cheesed me off. Since the score was at a tie, it was time for my famous Blitzkrieg shot. I got it passed their two defenders and their goalie very easy, but for that excellent shot, there was a sacrifice. One of the defenders used a stun kick on me when I was going back for another shot. Thankfully Rosco was close enough to claim the ball before that defender could. He went on to score, while I regained my consiousness, but by the time I was fully aware of what happened, they had the ball. I was NOT going to let them get another goal!

I swam straight up to the kid with the ball and delivered a devestating Piercing Punch, which sent him back to his own side. I grabbed the ball and swam as fast as I could. No one could stop me, not even the defenders who I had already swam past. The goalie was no problem, I got past him easy to achieve another goal.

Talk about one hell of a close game though. We only won by two points! (the final score was 6-4). I have to do something about these tight games, so I'll just train harder.
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Marinus' Travel Log
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